About Caught In Joy's Playlists

I love listening to good music. Here's why.

Ever since I was a kid at age of 4 I was rocking my father's Technics turntable I discovered a never-ending passion for music. I was listening to all the vinyls we had at home - from Keith Jarrett to King Crimson, Black Sabbath to Pink Floyd, Yazoo to Kansas, Chopin to Judas Priest. But my passion really exploded when I discovered cassettes and we started exchanging them with friends. Everything was in play from Friends of Mr Cairo to Kajagoogoo to Slayer and C.C. Catch, but then CDs came out. The quality of the CDs was like something I've never heard before. My first CD I ever bought was Porcupine Tree - The Sky Moves Sideways.

I was working a whole summer to afford it. Yes, 60 days to buy 1 CD.


Buy, why?

I've spent years collecting vinyls, cassettes, CDs and MP3s. Now, everything is available online. All the albums, all the songs, everything.

On top of that, there are over 60 000 songs released everyday on Spotify alone.

Finding a really good music in this mess is quite a challenge. You will probably end up (like me) listening to the same bands you already know all the time. So, here is my mini-series of the best playlists I can come up with. Spoiler alert: forgive me for dropping my songs here and there. I only did it 'cause they fit perfectly.


Anyways, Enjoy and don't forget to subscribe to get all the new playlists first.

Good Music Playlists